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    Jolly Dragons News

    Sustainability With The Kids - Hikes - By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

    Hiking with the Kids

    Let's say you have kids of your own, nieces, nephews, or even an entire classroom to teach sustainability to. You’re probably pretty lucky. You get to pass on the knowledge and wisdom to the next generation. Sustainability in this respect is about mindfulness about the natural world. And our waste in it.

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    Bees and you!

    Save the bees

    Do you like apples, strawberries and peaches? Perhaps you like carrots, cucumbers and broccoli? Or maybe coffee? Do you wear cotton?

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    Gardening With the Kids

    Jolly Dragons

    What a beautiful thing to do! Now is the perfect season to teach your kids how to grow and care for plants.


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    My Baby's Second Skin

    At Jolly Dragons we love being part of the organic revolution! Having a clothing brand is a way to have fun working on our designs and at the same time help the world change little by little.

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    Hummingbird Season!


    Spring is in full bloom, leaves and flowers are everywhere, colors are popping out in every garden! What a beautiful sight!

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